18 - 25 MAY 2019 in Settevoci, Sicily.

Settevoci and the Kimera Project offers you a space and time
where to meet others who share the same passion, a space
where to exchange and learn tecniques, knowledge and stories.

When and Where?

Come to fly with us from 18th to 25th May 2019 in the wonderful surrounding of the Alcantra River, a river that found it's space between the lavic stones of the Vulcano Etna few kilometers from the Etna itself.

Come to meet people from all over the world in SETTEVOCI, a magnificent villa and it's park in a Valley that through out thousands of years have been meeting points of Arabs, Phoenicians, Greeks, Spanish, English, French and Vikings.

What do we offer in
this flying meeting?

What do we offer?

     The program of this event has been fully designed to give a complete education in the matter of flying, to stimulate learning, creativity, selfconciousness and meeting among the students and with the professional artists we invite to teach.


     Besides one tecnique of choice in between Cloudswing, Swinging trapeeze and Cradle, you will receive yoga classes, acro dance classes, rigging classes and for all the chance of being trained in the tecniques of Flying trapeeze and Petit Volant from top artists in the field.

Delicious Italian food is provided in all meals and through out the entire event.
Sleeping is possible in our own camping on the Settevoci site.

Limited places, do not hesitate! Reserve your place! Write a mail to us!

Who is welcome to
the flying meeting?

Who is welcome?


Giving an introduction to those who would love to try a new Flying Cirsus tecnique.


As much as for those who would like to deepen their knowledge of a tecnique they just have started from 1 to 2 years of consistent training practice.

Basic & Intermediate

For those who have been training within 3 or 4 years, and would like to experiment and improve all the knowledge they have achieved.


The goal of the event is the meeting and the experimentation within the addictive feeling of flying.

All humans have dreamt to fly, few are
ready to work hard to make it real.

This meeting wants to create a safe place where we can
share our knowledge, and experiences, support each
other and facilitate those who are starting this journey.


All teachers participating in the even are Experienced Circus astists and acrobats, driven by the passion of flying and ready to share, guide, play and experiment together with you.

Download our PDF booklet with all our Teachers and Courses on the Incontro Di Voli flying meeting.


Some of our teachers in ACTION

Tom Collin


Collective Flying Pikmis


Cecilia Alice Manfrini


Deborah Cobos Triano and Jordi Serra i Baleri


Lola Ruiz


Silvia Gregori


German Caro Larsen


Marta Millan Martinez


About Project Kimera

About Project Kimera

" Connected in our vision and our work ethics,
we are able to bring people together,
to share knowledge and science. We are
an example of being independent together. "

     The “Project Kimera” is a collaboration of international artists. What binds us is a common vision: nothing is more valuable than the cooperation and exchange between different cultures. We believe that the results and experiences of intercultural exchanges and cooperations, are essential for the development and sustainability of the people and the enrichment of the environment.

Project Kimera is a fundamental member of the association Settevoci. Through them they share a connection to the historical country house Settevoci and it’s land near the Etna on Sicily.

Our goal is to facilitate meetings between disciplines, and propose an exchange with the local culture by offering core courses, shows and conferences to the local population.

We hope to bring a breath of fresh air in Sicily in terms of new artistic trends, researches and studies from every corner of the world. Is our intention to create a space where artists and experts can work on research and personal creations.

The name Kimera itself is a reference to the greek mythologists figure “Chimera”, a creature which has features of multiple animals.

About Settevoci

About Settevoci

" Bridge between the civilizations of the Mediterranean. The cradle of civilization in the West and the center of trade and communication with the East. The accessibility of the location is accurate and the area itself is unspoiled. The apparent seclusion of the island, affects the concentration and ability of oneself in a positive and progressive way. For this is the maintenance of being a bridge and a cradle for intercultural passages in Sicily a special value."

      The inspiration that Sicily provides artists, researchers and pioneers to perform, is what we inspire the people of Sicily with. In this a mutual exchange is arising between the Sicilian population and an international mix of people and organisations. The Sette Voci itself is a Villa, situated in the area of Toarmina.

The surrounding is appropriate for setting up and practising in sustainable gardening and land use. At the slope of the volcano Etna; a center, with indoor spaces suitable for meetings, studies, researches and physical trainings. Which forms a concrete example for the environment and is supporting in knowledge and education.

More information about Settevoci here.

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